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The two went on many adventures before ressurrecting Giles, and Faith helped Angel against Whistler in his plan to destroy millions of people to "save the world". Another noteworthy tale included her encounter with a large, male vampire in Missouri who owned alligators as pets, forcing her to wrestle with one of them. Faith arrived to Sunnydale during the start of Buffy's senior year.After the world was saved, Faith decided to leave Angel and London behind, justifying it by her realization that she still needed time on her own to sort out her life. Buffy met Faith after witnessing her kill a vampire that she lured in an alleyway by the Bronze nightclub which Buffy and her friends were patronizing.and the last Slayer to be called by the original succession line before it was abolished in spring 2003.Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Faith had a difficult upbringing and life, which left her with various trust and emotional issues.Angel arrived in time and took Faith to his home to try to reason with her, but just when it seemed that he was getting through to her, Faith's new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, broke into the mansion and arrested Faith with the help of a special ops team sent by the Watchers Council. Though she initially functioned as a double agent, rejoining the Scoobies and undergoing tests issued by the Watchers Council while feeding the Mayor information, her betrayal was revealed through an elaborate plan concocted by Buffy, Giles, and Angel, whom had grown suspicious of her.She was briefly captured, but attacked them inside their armored car and escaped."You know, I come to Sunnydale. After her true loyalties were revealed, Faith descended still further in her slide to isolation, betrayal, and mental illness, as she realized that she had completely lost Buffy and the Scoobies as friends.This brought her closer to the Mayor, who acted as both father figure and friend to the lost Faith.

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Faith decided to stick by Angel when he wanted to ressurrect Giles, initially to stop him from crossing a line again and going too far. She once being arrested after killing three vampires who slaughtered an entire bus full of Baptists leading to a preacher hugging her despite her being in the nude and the temperature being 180 degrees.

On the day before the climactic Graduation Day Battle, Faith was critically injured by Buffy and put in a coma, from which she awakened eight months later. Three years later, Faith busted out of prison to assist Angel Investigations in containing the recently released Angelus, subsequently returning to Sunnydale with Willow Rosenberg after Angel was re-ensouled to assist the Scoobies in their battle against the First Evil and its army.

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