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Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister, comes to Smallville but Clark catches her stealing money from the Talon to pay off a European loan shark.Lex offers to help but everything is not what it seems.When he sees Lionel attempt to stab Lex with a strange glowing stone, Clark grabs for the stone causing the two men to switch bodies.Learning his new body has super powers, Lionel immediately begins wreaking havoc on Smallville.He investigates and discovers it was part of an aborted Luthor Corp experiment and that robbers are using the dogs to help them steal money.After Clark receives a message from the recently-deceased Dr.Lois Lane comes to Smallville to search for the truth behind her cousin Chloe's death.

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Chloe investigates an underground gambling ring at school run by foreign exchange student Mikhail Mxyzptlk.Clark has returned, though he isn't his usual self.Clark is "reprogrammed" by Jor-El, to seek out the Stones of Power from around the world.Clark's true destiny is also revealed to him by the season's end, and a second meteor shower comes to Smallville.

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Season Four takes place during Clark, Lana, Chloe and the rest of there classmates' Senior year at Smallville High School at ages 17-18.

Lex reveals to the school board that Jason is dating Lana, then he takes Mikail to Level Three.