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03-Dec-2017 14:40

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There are some men who have trouble finding a condom to stay on during sex because they are either over endowed or severely lacking in size; for them barebacking is the only way to have penetrative sex.Well, first up of course is the multitude of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that you can contract when having unprotected sex with anyone.Though many escorts have regular check-ups and screening to assure themselves and their clients that they are ‘clean’, the reality is that it just takes one person in between these checks to transmit an infection or disease.Having BBFS sex with an escort is a personal choice and one which you should agree on up front with the escort in question.

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You should ensure as far as you possibly can that she has regular checks and is clean but ultimately, the choice is yours.The sensation issue with condoms rages as an issue, with many people suggesting that ultra-thin condoms are ‘like wearing nothing at all’ with others complaining that sensation is severely affected with a barrier.

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