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Nous pouvons trouver de nombreux vestiges immortels de la Cordoue Romaine dans de richissimes exemplaires archologiques constitus par la collection de mosaques venant du vieil amphithtre imprial et qui furent trouvs et extraits du sous-sol o se trouve aujourd'hui la Plaza de la Corredera : des pices d'une grande valeur comme celles qui reprsentent l'ocan, celle qui a des motifs Cordoba contains numerous timeless vestiges of its Roman past in the form of a series of magnificent archaeological exhibits made up of mosaics that once decorated the imperial amphitheatre, which were discovered in and extracted from the subsoil in the area that is now occupied by the Plaza de la Corredera: the series includes extremely important pieces such as those that represent the ocean, the succd Joao Havelange la tte de l'organe directeur du football international, l'issue du 51e congrs.

Aujourd'hui g de 70 ans, le natif de Vige, en Suisse, a t touch par la flche de Cupidon du ballon rond ds son enfance.

She now spearheads the rehabilitation center project, which is called “Sector V.”She’s landed several sponsors, Kostyna says, and is applying for grants to secure the remaining money necessary to lease a facility and pay a full-time staff, including 30 fully qualified trainers.

By July, Kostyna hopes to run the first iteration of a 45-day residency program for up to 60 soldiers at a time, including three visits by up to seven family members.

At the same time psychologists assure that women subconsciously choose husbands in civilized countries.

Even if a marriage is contracted not of convenience but of love, survival and procreation instincts move feelings.

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With breathless enthusiasm, she explains the program she has developed to treat Ukrainian war veterans for post-traumatic stress and ease their transition from military to civilian life.“They cannot live as they lived previously,” she says of the soldiers.She adds: “They needed to be heard, and I was there to listen.”Kostyna, now 19, sips on tea at Kupidon, an underground bar in Kiev, which is popular among journalists, writers, diplomats and soldiers.