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There are times in an emergency that you cannot talk to the operator.Perhaps your hiding from an intruder, perhaps you'd badly inured, etc...But it looks good on paper, and gets seen to be proactive in the war against everything.It was never really about terrorism's a requirement of the Telco Act 199x.Singapore requires you to provide ID at the time of purchase of the SIM before its activated and I believe China needs ID too (I used a HK SIM in China that was quite anonymous though as HK doesn't need ID).I know most criminals arent smart, but lets say a criminal with half a brain were to use a pre paid sim for illegal activity, you would think they would use the details to set up the pre paid sim using someone elses identity.. The stores/shopfronts selling the SIM may ask you for ID, so you may dodge that bullet, then I know Telstra and Vodafone ask for ID, but Optus don't (online) Not sure if resellers follow their base network, as I know Red Bull Mobile (Vodafone) require ID for online activation and the same applies to Amaysim (Optus) Looking at it that way, any Prepaid service can have false ID and other invalid information, but if the carrier decides to do an ID or Verification Check and your ID doesn't match (their reliable sources), then they have the right to suspend/cancel your service.From my knowledge, they (police) need to apply for a warrant against a judge just like anything else The phone company keeps the records, not the police. Technically we are supposed to sign 'the form' that all is true and correct. Whenever I travel OS I purchase local sims, none of the BS that is required here. I always thought driver licence, passport etc was required.

No matter that any person who wants the sim for nefarious purposes will get that sim without providing their real ID.

LOL I am a serial porter and have often wondered what would happen, just been to chicken to try with government paranoia.

I bought a SIM the other day from my local Newsagent.. I purchased purely to check out competitor network coverage..

In Australia you'll be asked to press buttons on the phone to confirm you require assistance.

Fine of your on a landline, they know where you are.Snoopy Sticky beaks will always fabricate excuses for privacy violations.

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